A7B Relax Music

With "A7B Relax Music" you can relax your body and mind.

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Great for Relaxing Sounds

Sleep, Relax, Work

Let yourself go with the gentle sounds of nature and the sounds of musical instruments, relaxing your mind and giving you a meeting with your own inner nature.


Just Custom Mix

Your Favorite High Quality Sounds

Select and merge your favorite sounds. Break the routine with high quality music. Allow yourself to work, study, meditate, sleep and dance with fine tunings to begin and end the day well with life.


Break the rotine with A7B Relax Music

Improve your life quality

Have a great collection of sounds that directly affect your mood as a special music therapy. Listening to soft music on a day-to-day your blood pressure is reduced by improving the blood circulation and thus your heart health.


12 quality sounds

Key Features

  • Music for help your baby to sleep and relax.
  • Whales singing for meditation.
  • Rain Sound and thunderstorms to calm.
  • Classical music to improve your work, focus and to stimulate your intelligence.
  • Owl Sound.
  • Music to study.
  • Sound of rain and flute to sleep and relax the mind.
  • The night forest Sound to restore emotional health.
  • Instrumental guitar Sound to relieve stress.
  • Indian music to relax or dance.
  • Japanese Music to relax your soul.
  • Fireplace Sound to create a feeling of warmth and well-being.


Many options for you

Choose the one of your preference

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